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About me

I have been using this blog as a sounding board and organiser for my thoughts on how to make OJT more effective. The content that I post is from real scenarios that I encountered as a trainer and the techniques I prescribe were either initially passed down to me by better men or learned the hard way. Regardless, they have been tested time and time again, evolving and improving in the process. These are the lessons that I wish I knew when I started.

I have been involved in training since 1992, but the majority of my experience comes from over a decade of training air traffic controllers, their supervisors and their trainers on the job for the Royal Australian Air Force. I left that life in February 2007, returning to the classroom to train financial and logistics software use to Queensland Government employees.

At the end of 2007 I left the classroom to take care of our two children and catch up on a few other projects that I had been wanting to do.

I am in the process of birthing “Training Tools” the company and look forward to delivering workshops and custom training programs to meet the needs of today’s workplace trainers. The book explaining the techniques and strategies for improving OJT effectiveness is finally finished and you can find out more on the Controlling Training page. Finally the plans for a pod-cast are also nearing fruition.

I have accepted an operational role to supplement the household income, not that dissimilar to my previous profession. As part of the process, I will have to go back under OJT myself but If all goes to plan, the tables will turn again shortly and I’ll have the reigns once again as an OJT trainer. You can expect to hear more about that as it unfolds.

Thank you for the support. I’m continually astounded by the growth (readership is doubling every month) and enjoy hearing what you have to add.

Duane Davis

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