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Free E-book of the blog

March 6, 2008

I recently read a couple of posts that talked about the dreaded ‘I’ve lost all of my blog posts’ due to server issues or database corruption. I assume that because I use WordPress, I have some sort of immunity to this through their own back-up strategies.

Just in case I’m wrong, I’ve started my own archiving strategy for all of the posts (well the ones I cared about anyway). Half way through I thought ‘why not make a book out of it’, so I did. It was purely for my own personal gratification but I’m not one to hoard things for myself.

So, if you would like a copy of a 56 page e-book (it doesn’t look to bad but I did leave in the typos) with the contents of posts up until March 3rd 2008, e-mail me at

Absolutely free, no obligations, no spam, no selling (to you and of your e-mail address) and no questions asked. Although I would be interested if anyone does find a use for this stuff. It is available as PDF (600 kb).

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