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Educating the student

February 18, 2008

In the second step of the ‘OJT Cycle’ we are conducting the training session. Whether it is actual OJT, a simulator exercise or just a practice session, the trainer has four main activities that they are engaged in. The first of these is ‘educating the student’. The purpose of this activity is to transfer your knowledge, skill or attitude through a demonstration, explanation or delivery of feed back to reinforce a positive behaviour or deter a negative one.

The most common method of delivery is through the brief, monitor and debrief process also known as BMD.

  1. Brief: The trainer explains to the student or demonstrates how to complete a task or activity,
  2. Monitor: The student attempts the task and the trainer monitors the progress, assisting as necessary, and finally
  3. Debrief: The trainer gives feedback to the student.

This is great for planned activities or when you know what the student’s next challenge is going to be. But what happens when the unexpected happens or your are training for the ‘higher dimension’ competencies? The model for dealing with these type of challenges is the stimulus, response and feedback process or SRF.

  1. Stimulus: The student is presented with a situation or symptoms of problem, the stimulus
  2. Response: The student reacts or responds by acting accordingly
  3. Feedback: The trainer gives feedback to the student.

This may seem like a very simplistic approach to education but it a gives a good grounding for how to best go about transferring your experience.

In the next post I will look at BMD.

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